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Game Day Essentials

Tickets:  Tickets are often sold out for OU home games, but it never hurts to check here before looking at resale options.  They are often readily available around the stadium, campus, and specifically Campus Corner from scalpers for reasonable prices.  If you prefer to buy in advance, you’ll have to look at online options.  Beyond the standard SeatGeek and StubHub sites a more local broker is Totally Tickets.  When evaluating tickets we’d encourage you to use the seating chart and view from seat options provided by the university.  Visiting fans have recently been moved to Sections 35, 235, and 226.  The student section is Sections 26-30.

Parking:  Since the stadium is smack dab in the middle of campus, parking can be tough.  Below is a map provided by the university; however, many people park in the yards of surrounding neighborhoods.  Most of this will be north of Boyd St., west of Elm St.and south of Lindsey St.  We suggest parking towards what ever direction you will be heading after the game to help beat traffic.  You can expect to pay $10 – $20.  There is a parking garage attached to the west side of the stadium.  It’s the shortest walk but it requires a pass and getting out of there is a nightmare.

OU Game Day Parking Map

Full Parking Map

Tailgating:  Tailgating is not prohibited on game days and alcohol can be carried and consumed on campus.  Without any centralized parking, tailgating is spread all over and around campus.  Many tailgates will be set up along the south side of Lindsey St almost directly across from the stadium and along Jenkins Ave south of the stadium.  Luckily, Campus Corner is just north of the stadium and a great place to pregame.  Asp Ave. will be shut down and there will be vendors selling drinks on the street.  The cheapest place to grab a beer is at the CVS on the far north end of Campus Corner.  There are plenty of restaurants and bars that line Asp Ave and the two parallel streets to the west if you want to grab a bite to eat.  You can’t come to Norman without visiting Campus Corner.

Hotels:  Unfortunately you won’t find any hotels near the stadium or Campus Corner, but there are plenty of hotels along I-35.  there is an Embassy Suites for those looking for luxury, Hampton Inn, Fairfield Inn (both walking distance to BJ’s Brewhouse!), and Best Western Plus if you’re on a budget, Hilton Garden Inn which typically falls in the middle, and Sooner Legends if you’re looking for a very Sooner-esque experience.  Hotels are tough to secure and will raise their rates, as soon as you know that you’re going make sure you book a room!  Even if you think you might go, I’d recommend finding a refundable rate (always double check the cancellation policy) and get it booked.  Be aware some hotels will require a two night minimum.

Transportation:  DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE.  You can get an Uber anywhere.  Use them as much as possible.  If you’re new to Uber you’d be shocked how easy it is.  Download the app from the App Store and follow the instructions.

Things to Do

Places to Eat/Drink

Mexican:  Tarahumara’s
Pizza:  Hideaway Pizza
Pasta:  Victoria’s Pasta Shop
BreakfastTorchy’s Tacos
Diner:  The Diner
Lunch:  Louie’s
Trendy:  Blackbird
Variety:  InterUrban
Bar FoodO’Connell’s
Casual:  The Mont
BBQ:  Van’s Pig Stand
Deli:  BisonWitches
Drinks & Apps:
  The Library
Old School Burger:  Sooner Dairy Lunch
Craft Burger:  The Garage
Liquor Store:  Cellar Wine and Spirits


Switzer Center
Sam Noble Museum
Fred Jones Museum of Art

If It Were Us

Friday:  Go down to Campus Corner and grab lunch at Victoria’s.  It doesn’t matter what pasta you get, the pink sauce makes everything taste great.  Check out the stores within walking distance for new gear.  Hit up The Library for a house beer and spin dip.  I know it might sound a bit weird, but if you like queso you’ll love spin dip (and I hate spinach).  Bonus points if they have tables open on the patio.  For dinner, always check the wait at The Mont.  If you make it there grab a Swirl.  Since it’s probably packed call a hot route to InterUrban.  For after dinner drinks the best place to go will be O’Connell’s but if you prefer to stay closer to the hotel you could always hit up BJ’s Brewhouse.  BJ’s also has pizza cookies called Pizookies that never disappoint.

Saturday:  Gotta get a good base, it’s going to be a long day.  My newest fav is Torchy’s breakfast tacos.  Seriously, so good.  They also have a bar if you’re looking to start tailgating early.  Once you’re ready to go, get to campus.  Park around Flood & Brooks for something easy (under a one mile walk to the stadium).  Pro Tip:  If you’re willing to pony up for parking there is a gas station with VERY LIMITED parking for $40 (last I checked) at the corner of Boyd & Debarr that might be the best place in all of Norman to park.  With the stadium being right on campus you have the opportunity to walk around and check out the Cherokee Gothic architecture.  Also, the student union is right between the stadium and Campus Corner.

My M.O. is always to get to Campus Corner and secure a table indoors, with O’Connell’s as my preference (they will have a game day breakfast menu also, but it leaves a lot to be desired).  Pro Tip:  O’Connell’s will also have a large tent set up on the east side of the restaurant with TVs, food service, and a bar.  It’s typically fairly easy to snag a seat in there later.  After chilling for a bit indoors it’s time to spread your wings along Campus Corner.  Walk around, grab some beers, listen to the guys doing radio, check out the memorabilia stands, and soak in the environment.  Then get to the stadium at least 45 minutes before kickoff to make sure you get to your seat in time.  After the game head back to Campus Corner to let traffic die down.  If celebrating a victory, you can’t beat whiskey and a cigar at the Bird’s Nest above Blackbird.   Slip out back to your hotel after an hour or two.  Walking around campus to get to your vehicle, even at night, is pretty safe.  You could Uber from the game but pretty high odds the fares are going to be jacked.


As always, please feel free to leave any thoughts and advice you may have in the comments below.

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